Corchado, Abel (Founding Member)

Artist Statement

I have spent the majority of my artistic life using oils and have developed a certain level of proficiency. These past few years I’ve been experimenting with watercolors. I find them to be very difficult to control, but this difficulty inspires me to pursue watercolor further. I have also discovered that watercolor can achieve certain quality that oils and acrylic fail to do, most specifically Luminosity. In my current body of work I am attempting to create light-luminosity paintings, paintings where the light bounces around. I will exaggerate value to bring out the light. I do this by applying several layers of glazes to darken areas so that light stands out. My subject matter varies because I want to experiment with different illusionist surfaces. I find that painting a variety of images is more of an “Artistic” challenge. I’m not trying to achieve realism, rather I use realism to help me study light.


Abel was born in Durango Mexico. He studied at Merced College and at Fresno State, where he earned his M.A. Abel exhibited work for many years throughout the state and his works are found in private collections throughout California.  Abel has worked with a variety of mediums, oils and watercolor.