Barnett, Cheryl

"Vessel of the Innocents V" - unique cast bronze - 94' x 26' x 16"

Cheryl Barnett CHAA "Rain Charmer"
"Rain Charmer" - unique cast bronze - 5'3"h x 16"w x 10"d

Cheryl Barnett CHAA "Reminiscence"
"Reminiscence" - unique cast bronze - 16"h x 4.5"w x 4.5"d

Cheryl Barnett CHAA "Study of Laura, Variation II"
"Study of Laura II" - limited edition of 12 (only 2 left) - 5.5"h x 5"w x 12"d

Cheryl Barnett CHAA "Kimono May"
Kimono May - unique cast bronze - 24"h x 7.5"w x 7.5"d
Artist Statement:

My interests lie in abstracting the figurative form in sculpture
using the lost wax bronze casting method.  The human body holds such universal identification, complexity and mystery.  I abstract by simplifying the minimal qualities of line, form and space by manipulating concave and convex shapes in sculpture wax. I create an open structural illusion to imply volume and mass.  I search to capture an essence within the twisted forms.  

My bronze sculptures range from small 5" tabletop pieces to 6' life-size figures with vertical elements up to 8' tall. I create unique one-of-a-kind casts, along with limited editions of seven or twelve copies of my favorite works. My website represents only a small sample of 45 works in my portfolio, as pieces sell and I continue to make new sculptures or bronze variations in smaller or larger scale, sometimes as commissions.  See my webpage for more information - resume, biography, bronze casting process and contact information. Email:


Barnett's work has been included in over 100 group exhibitions with 16 featured solo shows mostly regional to California, including various corporate headquarters and charity auctions. The Eleonore Austerer Gallery displayed Barnett for over two decades (from 1990) until closing in 2011, first in San Francisco and later moving to Palm Dessert CA. Other art galleries included Carmel, Bass Lake, CA, Santa Fe, NM, and Cambridge, MA. Over 450 works have sold and can be found in numerous homes and businesses throughout California and in private art collections in Australia, Belgium, England, France, Switzerland, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China and the USA. 

Barnett retired in 2017 from over 30 years as an art educator at Merced College teaching SCULPTURE: 3D Foundations, DESIGN: 2D Foundations and 20th Century Art History. She is now dedicating her time to working in her home studio and further developing EKASAKE Sculpture Garden & Gallery featuring her art collection, including works by friends and students which will be open to the public by individual appointment.

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"Solitary Vessel" - limited edition of 7 -17.5" x 10" x 5"

Cheryl Barnett CHAA "Garden Parasol, Variation II"
"Garden Parasol, Variation II - unique cast bronze - 4'10"h x 1'9" w x 1' d