Ayala, Frank (Founding Member)

Frank Ayala "Motherhood"
"Motherhood" (Oil)

CHAA Frank Ayala "The Root"
"The Root" (Oil)

CHAA Frank Ayala Pug

CHAA Frank Ayala "Keyboard & Guitar"

CHAA Frank Ayala "Cracked Egg"

CHAA Frank Ayala Tree

CHAA Frank Ayala

During the course of my artistic life, I've researched many artists. I've also explored many methods of painting. I've spent countless hours contemplating art and its relationship to me, and its significance to life in general. I've come to the realization that the more of an "artist" I become, the less I understand. Art, to me, is like living in a world of uncertainty, and in this uncertainty, I must rely on creativity to pull me out into clarity. I believe that if I understood every aspect of the paintings (or art) process, pure art would not be attained. Instead the art object would be a rehash of old thoughts, notions and conditionings. If my awareness of every decision that goes into a painting were visualized internally, then the art object would be a residue of this. In my opinion, this approach leaves little for discovery. Instead, through my art, I place myself into a "situation" that has no apparent solution, thereby requiring a level of creativity to resolve this dilemma. This "situation" can be attained by the application of color, or a random image within the canvas and is brought about through the process of "chance". Incorporating chance in my work is a way of separating myself from what occurs on the canvas. In this way, I become the spectator. The "situation" then becomes a spring board for ideas. It is then that I rely on intuition, or conscious thought, to complete the work. In this way, I can never know the outcome of a work until its completion. I also am conscious of the errors within the works. These are intentional. I feel as though technology bombards us with slick, polished, and perfect images. Our "human" touch is not seen as a necessity of art. Yet, I enjoy looking at art that can give me a sense of a human presence, with all its trials.

CHAA Frank Ayala shooting stars

CHAA Frank Ayala "Guitars"

CHAA Frank Ayala

CHAA Frank Ayala "Turtle"

CHAA Frank Ayala Windmill

CHAA Frank Ayala "Peace"