Torres, Oscar

Oil on canvas (16 x 20")

Oil on canvas (16 x 20")

"The Last Earthquake"
Oil on canvas (16 x 20")

"Loteria Tabla 12"
Spray paint and India ink on plywood (33 x 44")


Oscar Torres developed his love for the arts by being exposed to the arts at an early age. He was born in Mexico City where museums and galleries are plentiful. He remembers his first museum visit as a boy that moved him so much that he visited as many museums and galleries as he could, often weekly. There, he appreciated the works of those who would become his favorite artists: Salvador Dali, Remedios Varo, Leonora Carrington, Frida Khalo, Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Goya and el Greco, to mention only a few. Oscar began to draw during this time, but as he reached his teens, he stopped making art for many years due to different problems in his youth.

When he moved to California to live with his brother Ricardo, Oscar spent his time working and attending adult school at night and getting his life back on track. It was not until 2008 that Oscar went to Merced College to take art classes. There, his love for art exploded once more, and this time it was also nurtured.

Oscar had the opportunity to have a solo show at the Merced College Gallery while he was an art student there. Then he worked with another group of talented artists at the Gallery on the Square in Merced where he had his show "In Search of Meaning". He worked with local artists and members of the Hispanic community to create a mural (located at the G Street underpass) that reflected the Hispanic community in Merced. Oscar has shown his work at local establishments during Art Hop. He had a solo exhibition at Coffee Bandits titled "Addictions and Other Necessities". In 2013 he had a show called "My Journey" at the Merced Multicultural Arts Center. Since 2013, he has participated with artist and curator Ruben Sanchez in the yearly Day of the Dead celebration, also at the Merced Multicultural Arts Center. He has been a part of the shows "La Ultima Risa" and "The Art of Giving" in 2014 and "La Loteria" in 2015 organized by the Mariposa Art Company. in 2015 he participated in the show "Enlightened Perspectives: A Multi-Media Show" in collaboration with UC Merced.

Oscar has continued producing art in his spare time. His work is mostly autobiographical, telling stories from his past and present through a variety of mediums that include charcoal, pencil, ink, acrylic, and oil paints. He is still finding his own style, but he is inclined toward surrealism. One of his favorite themes is Day of the Dead which makes him feel connected with his culture, traditions and ancestors.

"The Reunion"
Acrylic on canvas (16 x 20")