Gilliland-Viney, Lisa

End of the Day
"End of the Day" (Acrylic)

CHAA Lisa GIlliland Viney "Dragonfly Fly By"
"Dragonfly Fly-By" (Acrylic)

CHAA Lisa Gilliland Viney "Microcosm"
"Microcosm" (Acrylic)

CHAA Lisa GIlliland-VIney "Timeless"
"Timeless" (Acrylic)

CHAA Lisa Gilliland Viney
"Strength" (Acrylic)

CHAA Lisa Gilliland Viney "Dulce"
"Dulce" (Acrylic)

CHAA Lisa Gilliland-Viney "My World in Black and White"
"My World in Black and White" (Acrylic)

I am a scientist by training but our move to Merced a decade ago unleashed a deep desire to paint. The quality of the light, coupled with the colorful multicultural aspect of the surroundings and the agricultural scenes of everyday life became my inspiration. I am drawn to the stories of the people, places, cultures and traditions of The Valley. I weave these stories into my paintings in the hope that the viewer may also find them interesting.

I have been able to draw for as long as I can remember but the process of painting took some years to learn. I am primarily a self-taught artist: my previous profession as a research scientist allows me to approach each painting with experimentation in mind. With more experience, my style has evolved from a strictly realistic approach to a more abstract realism. I also enjoy painting in an entirely abstract manner.

Although I work in various media including acrylic, watercolor and soft pastel for painting, and charcoal, pen and pencil for drawing, my primary medium is acrylic paint. I find the degree of freedom offered by acrylics and the associated gels and mediums to be very satisfying. There is much room for challenge and growth. The excitement that art gives me I try to pass along to others through teaching and demonstrations. I have taught school children throughout Merced County since 2005 through the Merced County's ARTREE program and I have given many demonstrations at the Merced County Fair as well as at various community events.

I have been a member of the Contemporary Humanitarian Artists Association (CHAA) since 2007 and a member of the Arbor Gallery since 2010. I have participated in numerous group shows with both CHAA and the Arbor Gallery. My first solo exhibition titled "Hands Merced County" was shown in 2012 at the
Merced Multicultural Arts Center.

CHAA Lisa GIlliland VIney "Fall"
"Fall" (Acrylic)

CHAA Lisa GIlliland-Viney "Square Meal"
"Square Meal" (Acrylic)

       Hands Merced County - Solo Show   June - Sept 2012
       Merced Multicultural Arts Center,  Merced, California

CHAA Lisa Gilliland Viney "Hands Merced County"

     "Electric Blue" from the "I've Got the Music in Me" Show
       Merced Multicultural Arts Center,  Merced, California
CHAA Lisa Gilliland-Viney "Electric Blue"