Echabarne, Janine

Eschabarne - Escuro de la Apatia
"Escuro de la Apatia" (bronze copper nickel sterling silver)

Eschabarne - Dancing with Scotty Dog
"Dancing with Scotty Dog" (high fire stoneware ceramics, found objects)

Eschabarne - Elephant and Sloth
"Elephant and Sloth" (high fire stoneware ceramics)

Eschabarne - Circles
"Circles" (high fire ceramics, string, tree branch)

Echabarne - Oscar's bolo
"Oscar's Bolo" (original painting by Oscar Torres, sterling silver, Brazilian agate, leather)


Janine Echabarne has been an accomplished silver jeweler for over 30 years, selling her works in galleries throughout California, including The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park and The Carnegie Art Center In Turlock. She has been a long standing contributor to the Artists Collective of Davis, The Artery. Many of her clients have become collectors. They feel that she takes her craft past traditional, temporal and cultural boundaries into fine art.  Continually, Echabarne has also pursued her fine art works in sculpture, bronze, clay and mixed medium. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Merced County Arts Council, Janine has chaired numerous committees.  She has been instrumental in organizing art fairs and in hanging and curating shows at the Multicultural Arts Center in Merced. She is relatively new to CHAA, joining the group in 2017. 

Eschabarne - Tree Brooch
Tree Brooch (nickel)

Eschabarne - Clay Pot
Clay Pot (pottery greenware)

Eschabarne - Helping Hand
"Helping Hand" (high fire stoneware ceramics)

Echabarne - carnelian earrings
Carnelian Earrings (sterling silver carnelian)