Sanchez, Ruben Aguilera (Founding Member)

"Seasons" (Acrylic and plaster)

"The Three Souls" (Acrylic)

"The Green Grapes" (Acrylic)

"The Golden Flute" (Acrylic)

"Las Frutas de Amor" (Intaglio print)

Artist Statement

There are many levels to being an artist. And a time factor is always involved with our art. Sometimes the muse stays frozen in time. Sometimes we cannot advance the drawing to completion or present it to the public due to circumstances beyond our control. Recently I have redesigned drawings from the past and developed them into paintings. These new works reflect where I am now as an artist. This is my journey.


Ruben Sanchez was born in Fresno, California to parents who were migrant workers. Ruben's father did seasonal work such as pruning peach trees in the winter. Both parents worked in the summer to plant tomatoes, hoe cotton and sugar beet crops, harvest green tomatoes, pick peaches, and then harvest the cannery tomatoes and pick grapes for raisins. Ruben helped in the fields and orchards during weekends and in the summer vacation.

Working with his hands harvesting fruits and vegetables naturally developed into a career as a produce vendor following completion of his AA degree in business. Weekly, he traveled for many miles purchasing and harvesting fresh produce to sell at local markets. One of the signature elements of Ruben's art is his portrayal of farm workers with proportionally large hands, indicating the strength and hard work of the migrant community.

Ruben's artwork is found in private collections throughout California, in San Antonio Texas, and in Puerto Vallarta, Tiaquepaque, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Jalisco Mexico, London England, and Australia. Ruben and his artwork have been featured in newspaper publications in the Merced Sun-Star, the Merced County Times, the Modesto Bee, the Fresno Bee, the Sacramento Bee, the San Francisco Examiner, and in Guadalajara's Mural newspaper.