Thompson, Sue

CHAA Sue Thompson "Detectable Warning Surfaces
"Detectable Warning Surfaces"

CHAA Sue Thompson "Who's Responsible?"
"Who's Responsible?"

CHAA Sue Thompson "Stand Up Straight"
"Stand Up Straight"

CHAA Sue Thompson "Sky View"
"Sky View"

Raised as an "Army brat", travel was a way of life for my family. When I was very
young, we lived in Ithaca, New York. I made several discoveries while living there. I was amazed to learn that Crayola made a box of 64 crayons!!! I also learned that if I asked my grandfather (the one who gave me the gigantic box of crayons) to select a color out of the box for me to use, he was apt to select green for the sky or yellow for the ocean. My pictures looked like nothing I'd ever seen before and I was hooked! My color-blind grandfather gave me the gift of discovery and introduced me to crazy possibilities in creativity.

The way my grandfather taught me is how I tried to teach high school students for 37 years. Offering students opportunities to problem-solve and watching them grow in confidence was truly a blessing. As a teacher, the most memorable and meaningful experiences have always been watching others experience those "ah-ha" moments. While I was providing instruction, materials and a safe environment, my students were providing me with the best art instruction I could ever have. What I received was an education of what art can be when viewed through eyes of lives lived differently.  My approach remains experimental, hopeful, and a little bit all over the place. And that's okay, too.

CHAA Sue Thompson "Underneath"

CHAA Sue Thompson "Newsworthy"

CHAA Sue Thompson "Sally's Mustangs"
"Sally's Mustangs"