Zamora, Kimberly

Artist Statement

I have a passion for fashion and art and my work constantly crosses the boundaries of both. I don't label myself a painter or print maker, as not to limit my creativity. My inspiration comes from life experiences, ever evolving transitions, and personal passions. I take random materials such as fabric, wood, wire, metal, paper, or organic substances to design sculptures, jewelry, two dimensional mix media works and clothing.


Kimberly Zamora was raised in Livingston, CA. She graduated from Livingston High School in 1993. She attended Merced College and majored in Liberal Studies, graduating in 2005. Zamora received her BA degree in Studio Art from CSU Stanislaus in 2007. After graduation, she opened Tallulah Brigitta Boutique, an innovative fashion storefront in downtown Merced. With a love for both community and art, Kim started the Merced Art Hop (MAH) in 2008 and decided to close her boutique in 2012. Her current title is Executive Director of the Merced Art Hop, a non-profit quarterly event that attracts hundreds of people to downtown businesses to view art and to participate in creative endeavors. Zamora is also owner and curator of the MAH Epekel Gallery. As a new member to CHAA, Kim continues to exhibit her artworks regionally.