Past Exhibitions

"Rhythm of the Arts"

The Mistlin Gallery, 1015  J St., Modesto, CA 95354

March 27, 2018 through Friday, April 27, 2018

This exhibit, “Rhythm of the Arts,”, centered on the theme of music or dance, inspired by the many visual aspects of the arts.  Additionally, the elements and principles of design contain multiple rhythms such as repetition, alternation or gradation of line, form, or color.  Each artist was free to explore their interpretation of the theme in their own innovative and unique ways.

"The CHAA Collective"

, 207 G Street, Davis, CA 95616

January 5, 2018 through January 29, 2018

"Rebirth of the Muse"

Carnegie Arts Center, 250 N. Broadway, Turlock, CA 95380

January 11, 2017 through April 23, 2017

"Inside Out"

Main Gallery, Merced Multicultural Arts Center, Merced CA 95340

July 19, 2014 through September 19, 2014


Artists are constantly seeking ways to challenge and motivate themselves. We reach inward. We pull and stretch our imaginations. We get lost within our minds and return with a new perspective on our lives, that manifests itself in our artwork. When we change internally, it is reflected externally in our art. This exhibit reflects the current state of affairs within us. The theme "Inside Out" has been interpreted by each artist as he or she understands it. No other parameters were provided for this challenge. The imagination of all humans is unique and limitless. Welcome to our inner world.

"The Process"

Main Gallery, Merced Multicultural Arts Center, Merced CA 95340

11/21/12 through 2/1/13


As artists, in the effort to create an "art object", we struggle through many creative decisions, directions, and planning.  Many times our efforts don't turn out the way we may have initially envisioned.  Chance often plays a part in this "creative process".  Yet it is in this process that art is made.  Hence, the "art object" becomes the residue of this process.  Our show is an attempt to document, display, and acknowledge this "Creative Process".  We feel that the way of making art can be as interesting as the art itself.  To do this, we decided to take ourselves out of our artistic "comfort zone" and attempt to use materials and methods foreign to us.  In this way, we are much more aware of the art process.  This new way of creating art is not yet second nature to us as is our normal way of creating art.

"This and That"

 Mezzanine, Merced Multicultural Arts Center, Merced CA 95340

11/21/12 through 2/1/13

This artwork created by CHAA is exactly what it says:  this and that. In an effort to add to  “The Process” show downstairs, this group of 11 artists have on display some artwork from their private collections. The works are as diverse as the members of this group. You may or may not be able to connect the artist from the mezzanine to the artist in the main gallery.....and that's okay!! Our goal is to constantly explore, expand, challenge, and inspire.

"Then and Now"

Second Floor Galleries, Merced Multicultural Arts Center, Merced CA 95340

9/13/12 through 11/16/12      

This show has been inspired solely by our desire to experience and recognize growth.  Artists sometimes cannot recognize their own “voice”, while others can see it clearly.  We are continually seeking to find that voice and fine-tune our identity so that we can be distinguished from all others.  We grow and change sometimes imperceptibly, but with time the difference can be substantial.  In this show each of us has selected a piece from early in our artistic life.  We are contrasting that work with a piece of our current work.  Do we see growth?  Is our voice, though matured, still recognizable?

"Topophilia – Love of Place"

Merced College Art Gallery, Merced CA 95340

9/27/10 through 10/21/10        

"Topophilia" translates from the Greeks "philo" meaning love and "topos" meaning a place or region. The exhibition theme was inspired by Gaston Bachelard’s book, “The Poetics of Space.”  He writes, “Home, aside from being the building in which we live, is a state of mind.  Home is an idea that has been silently, and uniquely, cultivated in us throughout childhood. It is where we experience many of our most personal intimate moments and it is where our memories reside long after we moved on to other houses: revisiting a home from our past always triggers a flood of forgotten memories that come back as we walk through the rooms in which they were formed. And just as we leave something of ourselves in a home, home leaves something in us.”  Topophilia is a conceptual word used in his book.  CHAA liked the theme of "place" and found it both inspiring and challenging to build a show around this concept. 

"I’ve Got the Music in Me"

Main Gallery, Merced Multicultural Arts Center, Merced CA 95340

1/22/10 through 3/29/10          

Inspired by our love of music, pure and simple. Music is a necessity.

CHAA "I've Got the Music In Me" show
Photo: Christopher Viney

"The Valley Experience"

Turlock City Gallery, Turlock CA 95380

7/7/08 through 8/27/08 

And at the University of California Merced, Merced CA 95343

9/15/08 through 12/10/08         

We explored the rich environment around us. We also explored color, abstraction, and large format.


CHAA "The Valley Experience" Show
Photo: Christopher Viney